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Bear Necessities!

Rainbows are learning all about bears this term and our theme is…

Bear Necessities!

We have started the theme by learning about different bears and where they live. The Rainbows are finding out about bears that hibernate and we read the story ‘Bear snores on’

Here are some pictures of our Forest School session where we listened to the story, made bear dens and lit a fire to try to pop corn on. The corn didn’t pop but we did enjoy the fire.

Ready, steady, GO!

The Rainbows worked hard to create some super vehicle models.

“I made a fire engine and I painted it red” – Rory

“I painted my hot air balloon rainbow colours” – Noah

“I builded my combine harvester” – Thea

“On my combine harvester it has scrunched up tissue paper for the corn” – Josie

“I made mine out of a weekend cereal box” – Charlie

“Mine is a bit floppy because the super sticky glue didn’t work very well!” – Seth

“Mine is a police car and it could open up to see the police man inside” – James

“I used mine out of boxes, then I painted some paper green, then stuck it on” – Isabella

“I made a big train, I used boxes. My mummy helped me” – Harry.M

“I made a tractor with glitter on” – Meredith

“My tractor has me driving it and I painted it red and green” – Ellie-Mae

“I used little milk bottles to make a combine harvester” – Summer

“I made a steam train. I used cardboard boxes with glue” – Toby

“I builded a combine harvester from apple juice boxes” – Tommy

The Rainbows then were inspired to continue their building and creating at the Creation Station in the classroom.


Welcome to Rainbows 2017/2018

Wishing you a very warm welcome to the Rainbows class blog!

This year in Rainbows Mrs Barwell and Mrs Edwards will be our class teachers, along with Mrs West and Mrs Hale who will be supporting our learning throughout the week.

The children have all settled into school wonderfully and all of the Rainbows staff are very impressed with how well they are coping with school life so far.

Our theme has kicked off this week by beginning to learn about all things Autumn. We read the fantastic story ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert and then went on a welly walk to find autumn leaves to use in our own leaf pictures. Lots of fun was had by all.

image (4)

Rainbows visit Copsegrove Farm

What an exciting day! Today we visited Copsegrove Farm near Bisley. When we arrived we found a letter from the Woodland fairies, imps, elves and nymphs inviting us to have a woodland party. However the letter said we could only go if we had a Woodland crown, a magic wand and a hungry tummy. Well, we all had hungry tummies but we didn’t have crowns or wands. Luckily the woodland creatures had left out some resources we could use to get creative. We spent the morning making our crowns and wands and eating s’mores. After lunch we had a fairy parade around the woods to show off our creations and we played fairy party games in the field. We had a very exciting day.

Rainbows visit The Wild Place Project

We had a fantastic trip to The Wild Place. We took part in a story session in the wild wood, which included listening to a story, creating homes for creatures and then the children made up their own story using story stones to inspire ideas.

We challenged ourselves to obstacle courses, watched cheetahs being fed, goats climbing trees and lemurs playing in the long grass.

Imagine if…

Our theme in Rainbows this term is Imagine if…

We are using our imaginations to think about what it would be like to be in our favourite stories.

The term has started with us looking at the story of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

Imagine if…. we met a Gruffalo!!

What would he look like? How tall would he be? What would he feel like?

On our welly walk this week we had to find things that might feel like the Gruffalo’s prickly back, his pointy teeth, his knobbly knees and his soft fur.IMG_9142 IMG_9143 IMG_9144 IMG_9145 IMG_9146 IMG_9147 IMG_9148 IMG_9151 IMG_9157 IMG_9158 IMG_9159 IMG_9160 IMG_9161 IMG_9164 IMG_9165 IMG_9166 IMG_9167 IMG_9168 IMG_9169

Tom Percival the author and illustrator of ‘Jack’s Amazing Shadow’ visits Rainbow class

We have been learning about shadows: How are they made? When can we see them? Do all shadows move?

As part of our learning we read the fabulous story ‘Jack’s Amazing Shadow’ by Tom Percival and we were lucky enough to have him come and visit our class to tell us about his book!

Tom told us all about how he starts to write his books.




He shared some of the other stories he has written and even left us a copy of his book – ‘By the Light of the Moon’






The children were all really engaged and excited to be told the story by the man who had written the book.







We then helped Tom to create a new story using props from the ‘magic box’!









Finally Tom showed us how to create a characters. This inspired us to draw and write. We spent the rest of the morning drawing and writing on big sheets of paper on the floor – talking about our characters and what they were doing!



Pancake Day!

Winter Welly Walk

On our welly walk this week we went on a ‘Wonderful Winter’ hunt. Our job was to spot the different things on our spotter sheet and tick them off. We looked high and low to find moss, fungi, nests, nuts and buds. 






After a long walk in the woods we stopped at the park for a hot chocolate and some kite flying. It was really windy so the kite flew very high.


Wonderful World

Happy New Year! In Rainbows we have started our new theme ‘Wonderful World’ with a morning of kite flying! We are going to explore the world around us beginning with looking at the weather.

img_8504 img_8507 img_8510 img_8511 img_8514 img_8517 img_8518 img_8533 img_8537