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Teddy Bears Picnic – March 2019

Rainbows planned and organised a teddy bears picnic to celebrate our theme. They planned the food and games they wanted and wrote invitations to their bears. On Tuesday we had our teddy bears picnic. We chased bubbles, played games, ate honey and jam sandwiches, sang songs and listened to a story. 


Bear Habitat Art – February 2019

We found out about the habitat of black bears and created pictures that show the forests they live in. To inspire our art we looked carefully at paintings by Emily Carr, a Canadian artist who paints the North American forests . The children chose colours to represent the features of the forest from oil pastels, chalk pastels, wax crayons and pencil crayons.1 2 3 4 5

Spring Term 2019 – Bear Necessities

This term we are finding out about bears.

We have started the term with the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen. The children have been busy acting out the story, creating collages, using pastels to make make pictures and taking part in a bear hunt in our Forest School session.


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Tractor 8/10/18

The Rainbows were very excited today to arrive at school and find a tractor parked outside their classroom. We all went out to explore the tractor, looking carefully at all its features.

“It’s huge!”

“It’s wheels are bigger than me!”

The Rainbows had a chance to sit in the driver’s seat and pretend to drive the tractor around their farm. We used information books to find out more about tractors. It has inspired tractor building with our outdoor construction, tractor drawings, making marks with the tractor wheels in the play dough and creating our own tractors in the ‘workshop’ in the classroom. What an exciting start to the week!


Farmyard Hullabaloo!

We are very excited to welcome all our new Rainbows into their newly painted and decorated classroom. Huge thank you to the St James’ Place community work teams for their hard work in the summer holidays, they painted the whole classroom and snack area in just 2 days!


Our theme is ‘Farmyard Hullabaloo’ and the children have chosen these questions to investigate:

What do pigs eat?

What do cows eat?

What do farmers use tractors for?

How do farmers milk cows?

When it rains do cows sit down?

How do farmers grow apples?

How do you make bread?

Stay tuned to find out what we learn!

Busy Bees!

Today we had a fascinating visit from Peter and Pat to tell us all about Honey Bees. We even had a visit from a honey bee hive! The children were really interested in learning about the bees and how they make honey.

Watching the bees inside the hive caused particular excitement. We are going to plant some bee friendly plants in our ‘Wild Classroom’ to help the bees to continue to make their honey.


Pond dipping

Exploring our pond!

The children had an exciting afternoon exploring the wildlife in our pond. We learnt how to stay safe when we are near water and how to use a net to pond dip. The children found lots and lots of tadpoles, pond snails, leeches and even a newt!

Mad about Minibeasts!

Our theme this term is all about the wonderful world of minibeasts. We have started our learning with some very hands on experiences the first of which was a visit from some wild mini-beasts.

The children got to handle and look closely at some very exciting creatures. They asked questions and learnt facts about the different types of insects and reptiles.