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Tool use

Today in Forest School we learnt to safely use a hammer. We used it with a long nail to make holes in a tin can. The end result is two beautiful lanterns. The children also used the iPad to take photos of their friends using the hammer.

Rainbows Start Forest School

Rainbows had their first Forest School session. They learnt all about the Forest School rules, played 1, 2, 3 where are you and then enjoyed exploring the Forest School. Some chose to den build, some practiced threading with leaves and some went bug hunting. Everyone had a fantastic afternoon!


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Year 4 – Forest School

Year 4 have been enjoying a busy term in Forest School. Their current theme is ‘What have the Romans done for us?’ so we started by exploring what life was like before the Romans arrived and built Celtic round houses. The children have spent the following weeks developing, extending and adding to these round houses. They’ve learnt to use a variety of tools safely and confidently select which tools they need to complete their challenge. During the sessions the children have also devised a team game called ‘Celts and Romans’ which they have had a wonderful time playing and negotiating rules and tactics for.


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