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Breakfast & After School Clubs

Our Breakfast and After School Clubs only operate during school term times and only on days when the school is open for children to attend (e.g. closed on allocated inset / staff training days).

Our school’s Out of Hours Clubs are separated into two distinct operational entities:

1. Breakfast Club which operates from 07:45 until start of school. This period is classified as a single hour for charging purposes. Parents will be charged a single fee for this period regardless of how long their child attends. (The cost is £5 per session, which includes breakfast.)

Parents are responsible for ensuring the safe arrival of the child and their handover to Breakfast Club staff. Breakfast Club staff are responsible for ensuring that the children in their care are safely transferred to the care of their school class teacher at the start of school.

2. After School Club which operates from the end of the school day (15:15) up until 18:15. This period is three hours for charging purposes. Separate levels of fees may be set for each of these three hours to reflect different levels of demand. Parents will be charged for a full hour for each hour or part thereof that their child attends. (The cost is £5 per hour. Food, if provided, is charged as £2 supplement per session.)

The child’s class teacher is responsible for the safe transfer of the children to the care of the After School Club staff and the After School Club staff for the safe transfer of the children to the care of their parent (or their nominated representative). Parents must collect their children at or before the published After School Club finish time.

The Out of Hours Clubs Policy and booking form is here.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.