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Welcome to Bussage Primary School PTA

Bussage School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is an essential and active part of our school community.  All parents and teachers are automatically members and we depend on the entire community to help us support our school.

Please have a think about anything you could offer – time, contacts, knowledge, supplies, ideas or just support and enthusiasm – you don’t have to commit long term or come to meetings, and it is also a fun way to meet other parents.

This page aims to conveniently keep everyone up to date with the PTA and its activities and we also use our Facebook page actively as a virtual community for updates, news and requests.  Don’t forget to like or follow us using any of the social media links on the right of the home page to keep updated that way too.

Please get in touch if you can help, by email [email protected], popping into the school office or find one of us in the playground. We’d love to hear from you! Scroll down to meet the team…

Don’t be shy! 

Your PTA Chairperson – Danella Pocket

[my picture coming soon]

A bit about me…

Hi, I’m Danella, I started my Bussage Primary School journey seven years ago when my eldest daughter Anya started in Rainbows.  Within a very short time of joining the school there was a PTA  AGM where all the existing committee stood down.  There was no one to take on these roles which would have meant the end of the PTA.  

A group of Rainbows mum’s didn’t want to see this happen so we stood up to the challenge.  I finished my role as secretary a few years ago but remained an active member helping out at events.

My youngest daughter Eloisa started Rainbows in September 2021 and I took on the role of vice chair.  I love being part of the PTA it is a great way to make new friends and help the school to raise much needed money.  I am very passionate about keeping the PTA going as it helps provide the children with lots of extra activities that make primary school so special and helps the school as the government continues to tighten budgets.

Your PTA Co-Chair – This appointment is vacant – could it be you?

A bit about me…

Chair person’s key responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership; ensure the Committee follow the constitution
  • Set the agenda for meetings, liaising with the Secretary
  • Ensure the agenda is followed and that all business is covered
  • Call the meeting to order when it is time
  • Welcome and involve new members
  • Ask for apologies for absence
  • Sign the approved minutes of the last meeting
  • Agree a date for the next meeting
  • Close the meeting
  • Write the annual report, liaising with the Secretary
  • Sign cheques for the PTA with one other elected committee member
  • Get to know committee members


Your PTA ViceChair – 

This appointment is vacant – could it be you?

ViceChair person’s key responsibilities:

  • – To assist the Chairperson
  • – Welcome and involve new members
  • – Lead Class Representitives
  • – Assume all duties in the absence of the Chairperson
  • – Fill in as Chairperson should the position become vacant
  • – Get to know committee members


Your Treasurer – Miranda Gager

[Picture coming soon!]

A bit about me…

Hi, I’m Miranda. 
I have 2 children in Bussage school; a son in year 5 and a daughter in year 3. 
We have recently moved to the area from Northamptonshire and I decided to join the PTA to get involved with the school and in the community. 
I was a member of the PTA in the children’s last school. To see the efforts of the committee make a difference to the children’s school experience is so rewarding.  
I have worked in finance for most of my career and hope to be able to bring skills I have learnt to the role as treasurer for Bussage Primary School. 

Treasurer’s key responsibilities:

  • Maintain accurate and detailed financial records
  • Present a financial report at each meeting
  • Liaise with the bank
  • Make approved payments
  • Count and bank monies
  • Prepare and co-sign cheques as required
  • Provide and account for cash floats at events
  • Charity registration and Gift Aid
  • Pay agreed expenses
  • Prepare annual accounts and liaise with the independent examiner
  • Ensure the committee has agreed appropriate procedures for the handling of financial matters


Your Secretary –

This appointment is vacant – we would love it to be you.

Could your picture be here?

Secretary’s key responsibilities:

  • Deal with correspondence
  • Prepare agendas
  • Call meetings – giving plenty of notice
  • Keep a record of attendance at meetings
  • Take notes during meetings
  • Ensure that enough committee members are present
  • Write up the minutes of meetings
  • Distribute minutes to all the committee
  • Make meeting & event arrangements
  • Co-sign cheques as required
  • Write the annual report with the Chair

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