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Hello Class 3

Hi there Class 3.

We are really missing you! What have you been doing since we last saw you? We really hope you have been enjoying the gorgeous weather that we have been having, and are spending some lovely quality time with your family at home.

We have sent your parents an e mail to tell them all about the learning we have set up for this term, and have lots of new books for you to work from in your new work packs. If your parents weren’t able to collect them, they will be delivered to your home in the next few days. We have set up a site that we will be putting your tasks onto so remember to check them weekly – you can also find some helpful resources to assist you with some of your tasks: your parents have been sent an e mail with a link on so that you can find all of this information.

Don’t forget to use the class e mail address to get in touch if you need us: [email protected]

Good luck with your new learning, let us know how you are getting on.

We hope to see you really soon,

Mrs White & Mrs Poad 


Class 3 – 2020: What have the Romans done for us?

What have the Romans done for us

Welcome to a new term and a new decade! Year 3 have jumped straight into our new theme, ‘What have the Romans done for us?’ by participating in a history trail around our school grounds so that we can find out about how the Romans came to be in England, and about the Celt civilisation that existed before and during the Roman invasion. 

Through this theme of learning we will be finding out all about Roman Britain and the legacy that the Romans left behind and will be learning some key vocabulary:

Amphitheatre, Aqueduct, Boudicca, Bath House, Century, Centurion, Citizen, Emperor, Forum, Gladiator, Julius Casaer, Toga, Villa as an example of just some!

We are looking forward to our exciting visit to the Roman Baths not far away in Bath just after February half term where we will be able to have a first hand experience of a key factor of Roman life.

Keep an eye on our blog to see an update of what we have learnt throughout the term as well as images from our day trip.

Roman baths


Visit to Aquae Sulis – The Roman Baths. February 25th 2020.

Class 3 had a fantastic time exploring a key Roman site. We were amazed to see the baths and learn how they were used and worked. Look at our photographs from the day to find out more about our experience.

After studying Roman soldiers, we spent time researching what they would have worn and used in the Roman Army. We designed and then made our own shields which have symbols on them that are special to our unique personalities.

Vikings invade Copsegrove Farm

Year 3 had a fantastic Day at Copsegrove Farm as Viking invaders. We had to find out where the Vikings came from and where they sailed to. We learnt about Viking trade and built longhouses in the woods. We cooked bread over the campfire and drizzled it with honey and we deciphered Viking rune messages.

Here are some pictures of our brilliant day. 



Class 3 have begun their new theme “Invasion” by looking at the Anglo-Saxons. We have used maps to find out where they came from. We have found out about the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms and have completed a trail looking at Anglo-Saxon artefacts. We are looking forward to our visit to Copsegrove Farm when we will become Anglo-Saxon and Viking invaders! Watch this space. 


Stone Age houses

Class 3 created fantastic Stone Age houses based on those found at Skara Brae in Scotland. We had to make tiny bricks out of clay, build up the walls, add in features such as beds and a fire pit and make a roof to go on top. We also had to think about how we could label the different parts of the house to make them interactive. 


Stone Age Day

In January Classes 3 and 4 went back to the Stone age and learned how to be hunter gatherers, how to make Stone Age jam, how to made bows and arrows and cook mammoth steaks in the forest. We also made mammoths out of milk bottles. We had a really fun day with lots of great learning. IMG_6042

What Lies Beneath

Welcome to the Stone Age!

This term we will be learning all about the Stone Age, rocks and volcanoes and maybe a few dinosaurs thrown in for good measure. We have already transformed our shared area into a Stone Age cave complete with some ancient cave paintings. Can you spot a woolly mammoth, bear or wolves? Watch out for the hand prints- I think some Stone Age people may have visited.






WW1 Week

Class 3 have been very busy this week commemorating 100 years since the end of the First World War. We have made butterflies for a banner in Nailsworth, created clay poppies, visited the war memorial at Eastcombe, took part in a WW1 workshop, found out about life in the trenches, made model trenches, found out what life was like 100 years ago in our WW1 school day and had a victory tea party…Phew! Take a look at some of our pictures from the week.IMG_5723 IMG_5724 IMG_5732 IMG_5736 IMG_5737

80 Days around the World

Welcome to the new Year 3

We have made a great start to the new school year beginning our theme 80 Days around the World. We have already been thinking about our locality within the UK and Europe. We went on a fantastic walk into the Toadsmoor Valley where we did some sketching of the lake and collected items of nature for some 3D artwork. We are really looking forward to starting our journey around the World learning about different continents and countries both hot and cold.


Roman Day at Copsegrove Farm

Class 3 had a fantastic day at Copsegrove Farm on Tuesday 12th June. We were split into groups of Celts and Romans and had to build roundhouses and villas in the woods. We ate scone twists by the fire and had a go at solving Roman numeral puzzles. We searched for Roman Gods and Goddesses and made wattle and daub using willow and clay. As always we enjoyed the walk to the farm but were very tired by the end of the day. A brilliant day was had by all.IMG_1189 (2)