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Cotswold Canals Homework Projects

Class 3 had great fun learning all about the Cotswold canals as part of their homework. They produced some amazing work  which was wonderful to share. We have really enjoyed looking at what everyone has done. Here are some pictures of some of their projects. 

Water Water Everywhere

Class 3 have been begun our new theme by thinking about what we can see below the water. We made portholes and painted scenes through the window. We had great fun making the portholes and wrote poems to go with them. We have also transformed our shared area outside classes 3 and 4 into a watery wonderland. Come and see our underwater paradise. IMG_4326






Out of this World learning

Class 3 has been really busy over the last couple of weeks learning about the Solar System and the planets and stars within it. We have found out the relative distance of the planets using loo roll on the playground. 

IMG_3811 IMG_3814 IMG_3823 IMG_3826 IMG_3833

We have also made our own planets out of Paper Mache

IMG_3758 IMG_3750 IMG_3748 IMG_3746 IMG_3726 IMG_3724

We have found out about the phases of the moon and made brilliant flip books.

IMG_4041 IMG_4042 IMG_4043 IMG_4044 IMG_4045 IMG_4046 IMG_4047

And we have created constellations out of marsh mallows and spaghetti!

IMG_3998 IMG_4001 IMG_4008 IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4021


Mission to the Moon- Copsegrove Farm

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Copsegrove Farm on their Mission to the Moon. The children survived the long walk to the farm to find out they were going to be launching rockets to the Moon. But first they had to discover their team names by finding clues in the woods. The teams were Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Neptune. Throughout the day they had to find out facts about Planets, make space wraps containing asteroids, moons and chocolate spread, create aliens in clay and of course build their rockets! 



Welcome to Space! We’re out of this world

The new class 3 have come back to school raring and ready to go. Already we have had fun creating paper mache planets, doing an outdoor trail on Space and the odd bit of alien spotting. A few strange aliens keep arriving in the classroom and they seem to particularly like the windows. The children have been bringing in lots of books and information about Space which is fantastic. It is great to see them so enthusiastic. We have created a space ship in our shared area and the classroom is beginning to look full already. 









Anglo-Saxon Day – Gloucester

Year 3 had a great day in Gloucester learning about how the Anglo-Saxons created St Peter’s Abbey which later became the Cathedral today. They had good fun dressing up as Anglo-Saxons on probably the hottest day of the year so far. (we couldn’t persuade them to take them off!) We looked at artefacts, learnt about Kings and even went down into the Crypt at the Cathedral which was really interesting and cold. Here are some pictures of our day. 

Viking Residential

Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic time on residential this week at The Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset. We lived like Vikings in a traditional Long house and dressed up in Viking clothing. The children learnt how to make vegetable stew, grind flour to make bread, make butter from double cream and make cheese. They ate a long hanging tables around the fire. Out side the children had to collect , chop and saw the firewood ready for the fire. We learnt how to pay Viking games and were able to explore the roundhouse and work the waterwheel. At bedtime the children rolled out sheepskin rugs to sleep on (some had more sleep than others!) In the morning we had breakfast and packed ready to go home. What an amazing experience, one I’m sure they will not forget. 

Vikings invade Copsegrove!

Class 3 had a fantastic day at Copsegrove farm last week. After a long walk to the farm we gathered round the campfire to be given our first task which was a trail in the woods and time to explore. The children had to find the names of places the Vikings came from and went to. 

IMG_0733 IMG_0734 IMG_0711 IMG_0715














We also had to investigate the loo!









After the trail we had a look at the types of items the Vikings would have traded such as honey and animal furs for wine and silks.

IMG_0776 IMG_0779








Next we were given 3 tasks to complete, Viking cooking over the wood fire, longhouse building in the woods and solving rune riddles. 

IMG_0777 IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0811 IMG_0815 IMG_0820 IMG_0824 IMG_0826 IMG_0828
































After a fantastic day, we walked back to Bisley to meet our parents, not before saying “Hello” to Elvis the Bull.

IMG_0835 IMG_0766

Summer Term “Invasion”



The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings have arrived in Class 3 this term. We have already been finding out where they came from and why they came to Britain. We have looked at Anglo-Saxon artefacts and completed maps. We are really looking forward to visiting Copsegrove Farm and our Viking residential later in the term.









Stone Age Day

Year 3 had a fantastic day on the 13th January going back in time to the Stone Age. Or as it turned out The Ice Age! The children had fun hunting Mammoths, Sabre toothed tigers and Mastadons as well as gathering berries, nuts and honey in the school grounds. They ate Mammoth steaks over the camp fire and made berry stew.   In the afternoon, they created Mammoths out of milk cartons which are now walking proudly across our classroom wall. Great fun was had by all.