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Autumn Term2017 – Evacuate! Evacuate!

‘Evacuate! Evacuate!’ Class 6 certainly did just that at the start of their new theme of learning for the term, heading off to Bewdley for a blitz and evacuation experience. Arriving excitedly at our location for the start of the day (Bewdley Museum), the children clambered down from the coach dressed in their 1940’s attire (teachers too) entering a world from the past! Amanda and Christine, the historical presenters, informed the class about life during World War 2 and the many ways families had to adapt to stay safe. Learning how to put on a gas mask, in addition to what to do when the air raid siren was sounded, the children had an authentic and most enjoyable time whilst learning so much! They loved squeezing into the Anderson shelter imagining they were part of a real air raid! The best was yet to come…the actual evacuation!

Marching in pairs through the town towards the train station, the children eagerly awaited the distinguished blast of the train’s whistle and the puff of steam as the train slowly chugged into the station; the experience being made even better by the happy accident of bumping into some adults – who were real life evacuees during the war – on the station’s platform, also awaiting a journey on the steam train. They shared their real life experiences. Singing ‘We’re going to the country!’ as the train pulled away, the children were able to imagine what it would have been like for evacuees in the 1940s, empathising with their worries and excitement too. A wonderful day was had by all, with a wealth of knowledge gained from the day’s activities, the children were set up for the rest of the term’s learning; enthused and ready to learn more!

Class 6 residential – day 5

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Class 6 residential – day 4

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Class 6 residential – day 3 evening activity

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Class 6 residential – day 3.

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Class 6 residential day 2

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A ‘Moo off’! Who would laugh first?

DSC_0218 DSC_0220


Creative display of the teddies during room inspection!

DSC_0272 DSC_0273 DSC_0274 DSC_0275

Class 6 residential to PGL Liddington June 2017

What an amazing time was had by all – staff and children – during our recent residential to Liddington. Please see the individual posts for each day and night of the trip to find out all about the exciting activities that Class 6 encountered.

Monday night – Passport to the world.

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Fabulous Big Top homework projects

Wow! Was all that could be uttered by Mrs White went she walked into the classroom on homework project hand in day.

Tasked with designing and making their own version of a Big Top tent, the children visited Giffords Circus to gain a first-hand experience of a Big Top before beginning their own. The amazing creativity, thought and effort that had gone into each and every one of the children’s work was incredibly impressive. The class even invited Class 5 in to come and see their fantastic work.

Just look!

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Year 6 SATs breakfast

Class 6 enjoyed a social time each morning before their SATs tests, eating cereals and munching toast to ensure they had plenty of brain food and energy to get them through a long day! 

DSC_1591 DSC_1592 DSC_1593 DSC_1594 DSC_1595 DSC_1599

Tom’s Midnight Garden Theatre Show arrives at Bussage!

The whole school were captivated by the theatre production of Tom’s Midnight Garden that came to school in May to entertain. Class 6 were lucky enough to participate in a short drama workshop with the actors after the show ended. The performance skills will certainly come in handy for our circus show we are rehearsing.

DSC_1856 DSC_1858 DSC_1859 DSC_1860 DSC_1861 DSC_1862 DSC_1863 DSC_1864 DSC_1865 DSC_1866 DSC_1867 DSC_1868 DSC_1869 DSC_1870 DSC_1871 DSC_1872 DSC_1873 DSC_1874 DSC_1876