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Spring Term 2018 – Fire! Fire!

Class One have had a very exciting start to the term. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the drama session where they found out all about the Great Fire of London. They used movements, actions , dance and rhymes to explore how  the fire started, why it spread and how the people of London tried to put out the fire.

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The Explorer Dome

Class One had great fun learning about their bodies in the Explorer Dome. Once we had crawled through the tunnel the children found out about the skeleton and their internal organs. They listened really well and answered lots of questions.

We are now looking forward to finding out about food and how to keep healthy. 


Autumn Term – All About Me

Welcome to the start of the Autumn Term in Class One.

Everyone is settling in well and we are all getting to know each other.

Our theme this term is ‘All About Me’ and the children have really enjoyed finding out about the different parts of their bodies, both on the outside as well as learning about some of the organs on the inside! We all enjoy taking part in our skeleton dance and doing the actions!

This term the children will also learn about the different senses as well as finding out about how they change as they get older. A visit from ‘The Explorer Dome’ later on this term will be something to look forward to as we learn more about our fascinating bodies.

Funny bones dance
Funnybones dance

Summer Term – Island Life

IMG_7179Class One enjoyed exploring the school grounds looking for different types of plants. They used an identification sheet and really enjoyed examining the leaves and flowers with the magnifying glasses! The children were really keen to find out the different names of the plants and trees and shared their ideas with each other. We are all looking forward to finding out more about the plants around the school and learning about how they grow.



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Spring 2017 – Once Upon a Time

The children in Class One were very excited when they saw the doorway to the classroom had be changed into the castle doors, complete with a portcullis! They have spent time working with their talk partners, thinking about what they know about castles and what they would like to find out.

We all had great fun when we took part in the ‘Castles’ workshop. The children marched into the hall and found out about how castles were built, where they were built and who lived in them. All the children took an active part in the workshop and found out lots of answers to their questions, as well as learning new information. We are all looking forward to using a range of history skills to find out more about the past.

The children have also been thinking about ‘Fairy Tales’ as part of their work in English. Many of these tales start with ‘Once Upon a Time’ and lots of these stories are set in castles.


Autumn Term 2016 – On the Move

We have had a very busy start to the term! Our new theme started with everyone exploring how to make things move, both inside and outside school. We went for a walk round school and used the  trim trail, the adventure playground and  lots of equipment to explore forces. img_5407

The following week the children were asked to bring their bikes, scooters or roller skates to school. This caused great excitement!! Everyone was extremely sensible and had bike-strip-collage-2bike-photos-strip-collage-7bike-photos-strip-collage-6bike-photos-strip-collage-5bike-photos-strip-collage-4bike-photos-strip-collage-3bike-photos-strips-1-collagea great time finding out how to make them move, speed up or change direction by pushing or pulling.

Lots more exciting activities are planned for the rest of the term.

Fire! Fire!

In the Spring term Class One enjoyed finding out about the Great Fire of London. We had a visit from a theatre group and had a great time learning about the events through a range of role play activities. We also had a visit from the fire brigade and found out about how we can keep safe. We all enjoyed going on the fire engine and dressing up in the protective clothes!  The children used a range of research skills to find out about the fire. They used information books to learn  about where the fire started, how it spread and why it spread so quickly and what happened in London after the fire.


All About Me!

IMG_3764Class One had great fun learning all about healthy living and eating. The theme started with a visit from ‘The Body Dome’ which was very exciting! The children identified the different organs and found out what happens to food as it goes through their bodies!

As part of the theme we looked at how we change as we get older. The children brought in photographs of themselves as babies. It was quite tricky identifying some of the babies and matching them to the children.

As part of our work on healthy living the children planned and made their own fruit salads. They prepared the fruit and then had great fun eating it. We  went outside to find out what happens when we exercise. The children made up their own activities using the different equipment to help them keep active.

Algorithms in Class 1

In the Autumn term we started learning about algorithms.  First, we used symbol cards to design our algorithm to move the Bee-Bot from one body part to another on the Bee-Bot mat (kindly purchased for us by our generous PTA). Then, we pressed the buttons on the Bee-Bot to turn the algorithm into a program.  Next, we executed the program by pressing the Go button on the Bee-Bot. Sometimes the program didn’t work but Mrs Cockshull said “Don’t worry, all you need to do is debug your algorithm,” so we did!  Do you know what ‘debug’ means? ……. It means to fix or to correct and is all part of learning to program or to code.















Spring 2015


Class One had a wonderful time in the snow building snow castles. We had planned to introduce our theme, ‘Once Upon a Time’, by building sand castles but it snowed during the night so we were able to do both! We worked with our friends and had great fun.

As part of our theme we have been learning about Tudor dancing. The children have listened to the music ‘Greensleeves’ and have tried hard to keep a steady beat during music sessions. They have then worked in groups to move to the music and sequence the movements to produce a simple routine.

As part of our charity work in school we all dressed up in our pyjamas to raise money for Cancer research.