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Head: Mr. Andrew Ferguson

80 days around the world starts in Bussage.

Welcome to the start of the new year and I hope everyone has enjoyed the start to the new term and theme. We have begun our 80 days around the world by looking at our own locality and the changes which have happened around the school since it opened in 1982. The children (and staff) were amazed at how different the area looked when newly built. Searching through the old photos stored at school has also uncovered some pictures of very young staff members and a few parents!

On Tuesday 11th September, Year 3 and 4 went for a walk around the local area in order to produce some art work back in school. We walked down to Toadsmoor Lake and spent time there sketching and collecting materials to be used in class. The walk continued along the lake and we meandered our way up the hill and back to school in time for lunch, luckily avoiding most of the rain!

What have the Romans done for us?

Our new theme is well underway in Years 3 and 4. We will be learning about what changed during the time of the Roman occupation of our country and how they lived their lives. Before learning about the Romans, we have been looking at what life was like before they arrived. How the Celts lived and what their lives were like. We have followed trails in the nature area learning facts about their lives and designed Celtic style shields made from natural materials. 


Water water everywhere!

Welcome back to the New Year and a new theme across Year 3 and 4. This term our theme is called ‘water, water everywhere.’ We will be covering a range of range of water related areas; from the water cycle and the main features of a river, to the plants and creatures that live in the seas. We will look at how much rain falls in our area and investigate water in its three forms.

The class have made a great start to the term, producing good display work and answering questions about the main rivers of the world. This promises to be a very interesting and exciting theme and we sail forward excitedly!

Class 4 are out of this world!

Welcome to Year 4! This term we are looking at all things space related. Our classroom is looking really bright and colourful, with children racing around the ceiling in there own little rockets! We have made model planets and ordered them correctly in a display. We are corresponding with Bob, the man on the moon, and he has inspired us to create our own aliens in class – soon we hope to create alien masks! Further into the term, we will look at our place in the universe and think about how big we really are. We will answer questions such as:7

What makes day and night?

Why does the moon appear to change shape?

If the sun were 1m in diameter and in the centre of Bussage school hall, how big  and how far away would the Earth be? 

We are looking forward to answering these and other questions as we continue to earn about the Earth and beyond!

Viking Residential

Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic time on residential this week at The Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset. We lived like Vikings in a traditional Long house and dressed up in Viking clothing. The children learnt how to make vegetable stew, grind flour to make bread, make butter from double cream and make cheese. They ate a long hanging tables around the fire. Out side the children had to collect , chop and saw the firewood ready for the fire. We learnt how to pay Viking games and were able to explore the roundhouse and work the waterwheel. At bedtime the children rolled out sheepskin rugs to sleep on (some had more sleep than others!) In the morning we had breakfast and packed ready to go home. What an amazing experience, one I’m sure they will not forget. 


Class 4 visit to Copsegrove Farm

Class 4 visited Copsegrove Farm on the 2nd May. We made Viking long-houses, baked Viking bread, looked at the countries Vikings came from and travelled to, looked at what they traded and deciphered Viking Runes. We had a great day and were very lucky with the weather, which was beautiful!



Summer Term 2017 – Invasion!

In the summer term we will be learning  about the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings after the Romans had left Britain. We are going visit Copsegrove Farm to make long houses, solve rune puzzles and cook bread over a fire. We will use artefacts as evidence to learn about the past and create pieces of Anglo-Saxon jewellery out of clay. Most of the children will hopefully enjoy a fantastic overnight stay at The Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset, living like Vikings for 24 hours.  Those who are going to stay in school will enjoy completing their own mini projects. We are also going to visit Gloucester Cathedral and Gloucester Museum where the children will learn about the Anglo-Saxons.

What lies beneath

This term the shared area by year 3 and 4 has been turned into a cave for our theme – what lies beneath? The term started with a stone age day on the 13th January. The children were able to experience searching for food in an outdoor game that required lots of running around to keep warm in the snow. We also cooked mammoth steaks (they tasted very much like marshmallows) on an open fire, made model mammoths and cooked some delicious stone age jam using ingredients that would have been available at the time – blueberries, blackberries, nuts and honey. The day was very enjoyable and a great experience at the start of our theme.

Autumn 2016 – Around the world in 80 days!

Class 4 have started this year with the Geography based theme ‘Around the world in 80 days.’ During this theme the children will learn about various parts of the world. Starting with Bussage and the local area, we will look at the changes that have happened throughout the course of the life of the school so far. How have the grounds changed? What new parts of the school have been added? How has the use of the buildings changed? We will then move on to look at locating and describing some of the countries of Europe, focusing on their physical and human features. Our theme will then move us around the Arctic and Antarctic regions, where we will look at how both people and animals have adapted to life in extreme conditions. Australia, where we look forward to learning about the traditional ‘dreamtime’ stories of creation, linking art work to the theme.

We hope that as part of the theme to enjoy a visit from a Polar exploration group, who will bring expertise and first hand experience of the world’s most extreme conditions to Bussage to share with the children.

This promises to be an exciting theme and the children – and teacher’s – are looking forward to it.

Spring Term 2016 – Class 4 are ‘Out of this world!’

Yes, this term the theme for year 3 and 4 is the space based ‘out of this world!’ This theme has coincided wonderfully with the visit to the International Space Station of British astronaut Tim Peake, the children watched him blast off into space before Christmas, a nice opener for the new theme.

On the first day back after Christmas, we were lucky enough to have ‘Explorer Dome’ come and visit us. This company specialises in creating memorable activities for children in their own inflatable dome. They recreated the night sky for us inside the dome and allowed the children to see all the constellations of the night sky. The children listened to the stories created by our ancestors to explain the patterns in the sky and used this as a basis for creating their own constellations and stories in English before half term, the results of which are now proudly on display in the class 4.

We have followed Tim Peake’s mission with interest, with both classes watching a live question and answer session with the astronaut, seeing first hand how life is incredibly different in space to here on the ground. We have looked at the history of space exploration and written about some of the early pioneers of space travel, thinking about the dangers they would have faced and how they compare to explorers from other times; were they more brave then? Who discovered more?

We have made moon buggies from Knex and used them to learn about friction and forces, creating an investigation looking at friction and how it affects distance travelled.

The sheer size of the universe has astounded both children and adults alike throughout the term, and we used the school’s outdoor space (on a rare beautiful day in January!) to measure the relative distances of the planets.

After half term we are going to look at where the planets would be if the sun were 1m in diameter and in the centre of the school hall. How far away and how big would our planet be? How far from school would Neptune be? How small would the dwarf planet Pluto be?