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Martha has shared some more pictures and work that she has been doing over the last few weeks. Some lovely African work and lots of outdoor fun!

IMG_8794 IMG_8795 IMG_3557 IMG_3611 IMG_4017 IMG_4123 IMG_4155 IMG_4214 IMG_4249 IMG_4596 IMG_4569


Freya has been busy cooking a traditional Moroccan Chickpea stew as part of her theme work. It looks delicious! She has also written a fantastic story inspired by the Haunted Hills task. Very descriptive writing. An extract is below.

Freya haunted hills

IMG_6694 IMG_6686 IMG_6684

Samuel, Jamie, Anya and Martha

What a strange half term it has been! I am so proud of the way you have all been working. It’s been so lovely to be able to share some of the fantastic work that has been done over the last 5 weeks. Here are a few photos sent in from Samuel, Jamie, Anya and Martha. Thankyou for sharing.


Samuel has been writing about Olivander’s wand shop and also has his own wand! He has been looking at some of the BBC Bitesize online lessons and it looks like he has set up his front room into a classroom. Well done Samuel. 

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Jamie has been doing lots of theme work about Africa and Fairtrade. He has been enjoying his maths and done lots of writing. Well done Jamie.

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Anya has been busy with her online Zoom dancing lessons and creating African animal masks and models. She enjoyed her maths on capacity and entered a painting competition.

IMG_20200510_180055 IMG_20200515_130309 IMG_20200514_161003 IMG-20200510-WA0013 IMG_20200506_185841




Martha has been working really hard on her theme work. She has been finding out lots of facts about Africa, African animals, climate change, Nelson Mandela, African drumming and Art. Fantastic work Martha.

IMG_7480 IMG_7481 IMG_7482 IMG_7483 IMG_7484 IMG_7485 IMG_7486 IMG_7487


Noah has sent me some more pictures of his lovely work. He has created a very colourful front cover for his theme ‘Hakuna Matata’ and has written some really great Harry Potter descriptions. Well done Noah.

IMG_20200517_223643_resized_20200517_104202745 IMG_20200517_223646_resized_20200517_104203095IMG_20200517_223708_resized_20200517_104201655 (1)IMG_20200517_222508_resized_20200517_104202443 (1)

Week beg 18.5.20

How did you get on with the bird watching last week? Did anyone see anything unusual in their garden? I can’t believe we are nearly at half term already. It has been a strange couple of months.

Google Drive

Here is the link to this week’s google drive.

Maths continues to follow the White Rose Hub and some 3D shape work from the CGP book on Friday. English involves some diary writing using the CGP books and some clips about children living in Kenya. I have also included a PSHE sheet to do if you want to and the theme folder with activities which also now includes a comprehension about Nelson Mandela to complete in your own time- choose your level.

Times Tables Rockstars

Well done to all of you that took part in the Gloucestershire Schools Time Table Rockstars competition. I believe we came 22nd out of 86 schools, which is a fantastic result especially as some of those schools are considerably bigger than ours. Year 5 were 25th out of over 500 classes and Seb came 2nd out of 79 who took part from our school. Amazing!

Cheltenham Science Festival

Some of you might be interested to know that the Cheltenham Science Festival will be happening virtually between the 2-7th June all for free. Look at the web link below to find out more.

Money sense

For those of you who like to manage your pocket money- you might be interested in the home learning activities provided by Nat West. It included games and activities about budgeting and saving money. Some useful ‘real life’ maths!

National Book Tokens

If you have a spare few minutes, please can you visit the national book tokens site below and nominate Bussage school to win £5000 worth of book tokens for the benefit of the children in our school.

Finally, I hope you have a lovely half term and we shall see what June brings us. Hopefully, we will be back in school at some point before the summer holidays!

Please continue to send me your lovely work. It is great to see what you have been doing.

Thankyou and any questions please feel free to email me on the class email

[email protected]

From Mrs Baldwin

More VE Day Celebrations

Olivia sent me some lovely pictures of her VE Day celebrations. Her family had a tea party in the garden and made scones, cheese straws, cup cakes, trifles and flapjacks! Wow- it all looks delicious. 20200507_204135 20200508_143648

VE Day Celebrations and Lovely hard work

Class 5 have been really busy once more over the last few days. I have had some lovely emails with pictures of all the learning and activities that have been going on. 


Seb has been busy completing science experiments, research about Nelson Mandela, making an African mask, playing geography games and converting his driveway into a tennis court. 

image1 (3) image0 (4) image2 (2) image3 (1) image4 image5 seb mask Capture















Noah has been finding out facts about African animals and countries, the human eye, has written a fantasic advert for Dr Spooner’s tonic for life and been helping out his younger brother and sister with their work too!

IMG_20200508_115013_resized_20200508_022227008 IMG_20200508_105959_resized_20200508_022226409 IMG_20200507_222345_resized_20200508_022228010 IMG_20200507_222218_resized_20200508_022227317 IMG_20200507_222212_resized_20200508_022226711 IMG_20200501_161505_2_resized_20200508_022227678











Maisie celebrated VE Day with a  tea party in the front garden. She made bunting and painted the fence in rainbow colours.  She has also created a lovely front cover for her theme book. 

IMG_20200423_180905_resized 20200511_140828 20200511_140806 20200511_140743 20200507_191335_resized











Jacob used his imagination to create an alternative Monopoly game about footballing icons. It looks like great fun!

IMG_2245 IMG_2262







Anya has been keeping fit in her front room, she has cooked an African vegetable tagine and has been doing some African drumming and dancing.

IMG_20200506_091419 IMG_20200504_122220









George has created a wonderful African mask and found out some great facts about African masks too. Well done George.


Week beg 11.5.20

Dear Parents and Children of Class 5,

I hope you are all still well and enjoyed the VE Day bank holiday. Who got the bunting out and enjoyed a picnic in the garden or front lawn? As I enjoyed the fine weather over the weekend I noticed a large number of birds visiting the garden. I thought the children might like to have a go at a garden bird watch. I have included some bird watching sheets in the google drive for them spot birds if they want to.

Google Drive

Here is the link to this week’s google drive.

Maths continues to follow the White Rose Hub and a lesson from Twinkl on Friday. English involves some descriptive writing using the CGP books and a clip from Harry Potter. I have also included a PSHE sheet, the theme folder (with some extra sheets on African patterns to colour) and the birdwatching sheets, one of which is a reading comprehension- choose your level 1* easiest, 2* middle, 3* hardest.

Please continue to send me your lovely work. It is great to see what you have been doing.

Thankyou and any questions please feel free to email me on the class email

[email protected]

From Mrs Baldwin

Camping, cooking and crafting!

Layla, has been super busy over the last few weeks. She has been making slime, baking, creating her African mask, riding her bike, water colour painting and camping out and cooking sausages! Plus she has a new pet to care for a lop eared bunny called Trixie. Well done Layla, good to see you making the most of the weather and not letting lockdown spoil your fun. 

IMG_8257 IMG_8260 IMG_8276 IMG_2860 IMG_2947 IMG_3102 IMG_3547 image0 (3)

Hakuna Matata!

Look at this wonderful front cover Martha has produced for her theme book this term. Beautiful work Martha- well done!