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Circus skills

Class 5 have been practising their circus skills this afternoon. We have been juggling, plate spinning, being clowns, diabolo, hula hooping and spinning poi. They have had great fun completing their tasks. 

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Welcome back to the Summer Term and our new theme “Roll up! Roll up!” This term we will be learning about the Circus and forces.  We will discover what it is like to be in the circus and learn some circus skills.  We will be investigating different types of forces such as friction, air resistence and gravity. 

Here is our knowledge organiser for this term. 

Roll up Roll up Knowledge organiser

More Greek Cooking

Here are some more examples of Greek Cooking from Verity and Adam. Great work- it looks Yummy! Click on the link for Adam’s Lamb recipe.

Adams Lamb recipe

Verity’s Greek Meal

Cooking up a Greek Menu

This week the children had to investigate Greek Food. Some of the children went one step further and cooked an entire Greek meal. Check out Madi and Eloise’s Greek Food. It all looks delicious! Well done girls- a great job. 

Take a look at this weeks home learning!

This week we have been finding out about the Ancient Greek Olympics and comparing it to the modern Olympics. We have been learning about stars and star constellations in science. We have also been learning french for pets and some children have been learning spanish. Take a look at some examples of our work from this week below.

What have we done this week?

The children have been working really hard creating Labyrinth’s based on the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. They have been learning about the planets in our solar system and have been finding out about the Greek alphabet as well as more jars of courage and front covers for their Theme books. Take a look at this weeks fantastic work.

Samuel’s Power point Ancient Greek gods Zeus Samuel

Harry’s Power point Greek Gods Harry

This week’s home learning- Greek Gods, pots and more!

Class 5 have had another really good week of home learning. It has been lovely to see all the fantastic work they have been doing. Here are some more examples of some of their fantastic work this week.

Click on the links to see Freya and Adams power points.

Greek gods pp Freya

Zeus powerpoint Adam

What a busy week of homelearning!

Class 5 have been working really hard this week with their home learning and I have been sent some wonderful examples of their creativity. They have been ordering Ancient Greek timelines, creating front covers for their theme books, learning about Ancient Greek life and making jars of courage for our value this term. Have a look at some examples of their fabulous work this week.



What a strange start to our new theme! We managed one day and then went into lockdown again. However, class 5 have risen to the challenge and have been engaging wonderfully with our remote learning. Already they have been finding out about Ancient Greece and creating timelines and work in their books. Look out for some of Class 5’s creative work coming up on the blog!

Copsegrove Farm

Our second visit to Copsegrove Farm focussed on the trees in the woods. We spent time learning how to identify different trees from their leaves. We aged trees by measuring the girth of the tree using our hands and tape measures. We made leaf and berry prints on material using a pressing technique with stones. We learnt how to filter water using a tripod and various filtering materials such as sand and charcoal. We also did the walk of trust where we had to guide each other round the woods in pairs with one of us blindfolded. As always we had great fun and learnt lots of new things including how to make popcorn over an open fire!